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Photonics West 2017

By on 2 February 2017

Another great time at Photonics West. A chance to meet old friends and collaborators.

I gave a talk on “Investigation of stress-induced birefringence of tissue determined with polarisation sensitive optical coherence tomography” – coauthors: Qingyun Li, Martin Villiger, and David Sampsom.

I also contributed to:
– “Ultrahigh resolution optical coherence elastography combined with a rigid micro-endoscope” by Gi Fang (coauthors: Andrea Curatolo, Philip Wijesinghe, Juliana Hamzah, Ruth Ganss, David Sampsom, Jun Ki Kim, Wei Lee, and Brendan Kennedy),
-“Ex vivo and in vivo label-free imaging of lymphatic vessels using OCT lymphangiography” by Peijun Gong (coauthors: Shaghayegh Es’haghiana, Suzanne Reab, Fiona M. Woodb, Dao-Yi Yu, Robert A. McLaughlina, and David D. Sampson).

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SPIE Bio-Photonics Australasia

By on 25 October 2016

Finally, I have some time to write few words about SPIE Bio-Photonics Australasia conference that took place in Adelaide (16 – 19 October 2016).

I was giving a talk on “Swept source OCT system for combined polarization sensitive and elastography measurements”  in “OCT and Related Technologies” session chaired by George Paxinos (well known from his outstanding mappings of the human brain).

I was also involved as co-author in two talks of my colleagues: Qingyun Li , who is my PhD student “Full-range complex swept-source polarisation-sensitive optical coherence tomography” and Philip Wijesinghe (talk given by other co-author Brandan Kennedy “Cellular-scale elasticity imaging using ultrahigh-resolution optical coherence elastography”.

I really enjoyed this short and intense time. Few new interesting scientific contacts made. Lot of interesting talks on Raman spectroscopy, UV microscopy, polarimetry, brain and much more.

As usual I took my extra time to walk around Adelaide with my camera. I will share some photos soon on my photoblog.



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